As a parent of a teenage driver, we think there are some important facts you need to be aware of to help your teen driver stay safe and smart out on the road.

Motor Vehicle Crashes – The #1 Teen Killer

Motor vehicle crashes account for around 2,500 young lives lost every year. New drivers, even straight A students and “well-disciplined” teens, are more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash, mostly due to inexperienced driving. Parents, however, make a huge difference when becoming involved with their child’s driving.

Fact: Steps Taken to Save Lives

Practicing as often as you can with your teen is highly recommended and encouraged. Teens should have at least fifty hours behind the wheel before venturing out fully on their own as a single driver. The new driver and their passengers should wear seat belts at all times. Limit driving when crashes are more likely to occur:

  • At night
  • When other teens are in the car
  • During inclement weather

Great resources for parents of teen drivers can be found at:

Fact: Lead by Example

Proper driving behaviors should begin early on. Don’t wait until your teen is old enough to drive to begin being a model for them. If you talk on the phone, text, speed, or drive without a seat belt, so might your teen driver.

Communicating these expectations to your teen driver, as well as other parents, can make the experience a more enjoyable and safe endeavor.