Do you work with adults or only teens?

NDS driving instruction is focused on new teen drivers 15 & 16 years of age. We do NOT provide driving instruction to adults.

What days do you provide driving lessons?

We provide driving lessons Monday – Sunday from 8a until 4:45p.

Your packages are 4hr and 6hr. Are these all in one day?

Our 4hr package is (2) days, 2 hrs per day. 6hr package is (3) days, 2 hrs per day.

What is covered in your behind the wheel driving curriculum?

Confidence, Right turns, Left turns, Braking, Accelerating, Complete stops, Road Sign Identification, Suggested Speed Limits, Speed Transition, Round a’bouts, Rural, City and Highway Driving, Merging & Exiting Off Highways, Speed, Lane Position & Control. Parking Uphill with/without a Curb, Parking Downhill, Reverse Straight Line, Parking, Parallel Parking, Defensive Driving Skills, and Skills Necessary to be a Safe, Courteous & Cautious Driver.

Students will be on the actual skills test route the final two hrs of each package.

What zip codes in Clay & Platte county do you service?

64118, 64150, 64151, 64152, 64153, 64154, 64155, 64156, 64157, 64163, 64164, 64165, 64166, 64167.

If you live outside of these zip codes, we have a designated pickup/drop off location.

Do you pick up and drop off outside the Northland?

We only offer pickup and drop off in Clay or Platte county Missouri. We Do NOT offer pickup outside these counties. 

Do we use your vehicle or our own?

Your teen would be instructed in our vehicle which is equipped with a dual brake and is licensed and insured for student and instructor safety. Vehicles are also equipped with a video camera for student and instructor safety.  

How do I pay?

You can sign up online, choose your package, pay by credit card. Once you pay you will receive a welcome email and receipt (Check spam folder). This email will provide a username/password which will provide access to our calendar where you can schedule and reschedule lessons according to availability.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, orders less than three months will incur a 25% processing fee. Orders older than three months but less than six months will incur a 40% processing fee. Orders older than six months will not be refunded.

Do you offer a certificate of completion for insurance purposes?

Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion. We have seen insurance discounts between 5-20% depending on the carrier.

Do I need a valid Missouri driving permit before I can get behind the wheel?

Yes, a valid permit is required.

How much driving experience should my teen driver have before enrolling in your program?

We require students to have at least 2hrs behind the wheel driving experience. We are NO LONGER working with teens that have ZERO driving experience.

Should parents be practicing with their teens between driving lessons?

Yes, we recommend parents take an active approach in their teens driving instruction. Practice between lessons allow students to apply what they learned. Practice will also continue to increase their confidence level in between lessons.

*If you are a parent who is not taking a proactive approach and working with your teen driver in between driving lessons then we are not the driving program for you.